9000 is a big amount. Yes, it is a big amount when you seem to waste it on trivial things like joining a gymnasium. And that too for a period of 6 months. The first month you start out afresh, unafraid, ready to unleash your manliness¬† onto the world. But after only one day of lonely and uneventful exercising, you give up. You don’t go there the second time and then you begin to wonder “Why the hell did I join it?”.

In that prior stage consisting of small moments of wanderlust and extravagant dreaminess, you thought you could take over the world; you will relinquish all controls and let the body achieve Greek-god stature; And the end results would soon start flowing – an endless queue of girls just standing outside your door just to get a glimpse of you (topless, of course) – the haughty smile upon your face as you give a coup d’oeil at yourself in the full-body mirror – The innate sense of satisfaction and unshakable superiority which so many covet for and only a chosen few accomplish – all of this will be yours and yours forever – till death does you apart.

And then you transit into reality – of how it hurts and pains for the first time – you cannot even utter a word that would expose your anguish – but then how can you be so temperamental, so asinine and so over-the-edge? How many times you have tried continuing this, but it just didn’t happen! Don’t you understand?¬† – The reality lingers as the imagination fades away slowly and steadily. And you just stop there and do not budge like a stone in a crater on the Moon.

What would you could have done with that lost 9000 or less? Think, think. You could have:

  • Joined another gym
  • Gone shopping to replace those stinking and stale T-shirts you have
  • Bought membership for a sports club
  • Spent it on travel to some exotic place nearby like Munnar (kerala)
  • Bought your girlfriend a pretty gift
  • Sent the money home, telling parents that you could spent as much as you wish
  • Done some online gambling
  • Placed your bet on IPL matches
  • Made more than usual up-and-down trips from your friend’s house to yours and vice-versa
  • Made a short-film

And now you cry in your own misery completely aware of your tomfoolery, recklessness and despicability.