Category: Poems

The Seeker

Smothered and entangled into the forbidden land,
An eternal companion I seek,
She stands in front of me,
An ethereal splendor of the heavenly realm

As pearl drops roll down her eyes,
Her effulgent lips make me wishful,
My mind spirals out of control,
And my heart cries out “No more, No more”

I blend into her as she into me,
My heart throbs as the longing grows,
Ever curious to meet her,
Her presence lingers inside of me, all the more

Emotions abound and the heart expands,
On the verge of explosion,
But then as I watch her,
It all melts into oblivion


Me and my Cigarettes

I hold onto one,
as i have never embraced anybody

Lights up my inner fire,
whether I am depressed or exalted

Worries melting into thin wisps of smoke,
and normalcy gained after a spate of afflictions

An eternal companion,
I hold out my fingers and you stick to me like no other

No chit-chat, No bang bang,
Amusement in the silence that permeates between you and me

And it is in this serenity, I find solace
A release and my self-promulgated salvation


Clutching like Grapevine,

Clasping in the heat of the moment,

Seeking a feeling lost for ages,

Deriving meaning out of existence

Dazed and confused like never before,

Disappointed and disgruntled,

Bearing the anguish of the past,

Vengeful and hurt beyond repair

Suffering in the face of uncertainty,

Hoping for a miracle,

Fears alleviating,

and a new sun rising on the horizon

The universe will conspire again,

Spirits will be uplifted again,

Joy will flow again,

And life will be drunk again


Her charm leaves me enchanted,

Feels like heaven when I glimpse into her soul,

Heart-pounding at exorbitant rate,

The will loses its power before her.

Her smile, her style, her persona,

I get lost in her wilderness,

I am free but at the same time, caged,

Bound by shackles of unknown origins

A dream, is it, or an illusion?

Or an imagination which makes me wonder,

A mirage in the deserted land it may seem,

or a hallucination making me blind

I don’t seem to care,

The only thing I care is, her,

her grief, her sorrows, her idiosyncrasies and her elation,

Blending in her true colors

A melancholic epithet

Love eludes for reasons unknown,
Often a light shone but the path obscure,
a disheveled heart of stone,
shedding tears of blood and a silent groan

Will power stays at an abysmal low,
Why expect God to give the tow,
All efforts seem futile,
And unrealized hopes shroud the demeanor