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Review – An Education

“An Education” is the story of young, teenage lass caught between the dreams woven during the  “puberty”  years and the ripe reality of being a woman. The film is mostly showcased in British English with some tidbits of french langage de haut niveau (high-level french language).It is a drama set in 1960s Britain.

The character of Carry Mulligan “Jenny” knows what she exactly wants to do in life. Apparently, she is a rebel with a cause. The cause being her unrestrained love for various art forms, music in particular. She is a versatile Cellist and regularly takes lessons. She wants to build a career around it instead of just pursuing it as a hobby. But her father coaxes her to go to Oxford to study English Literature since he wants a safe and secure life for her daughter. But Jenny loves French and wishes to go to Paris. She has a maverick streak in her which motivates her to be independent and mature. Perhaps, she is fearful of the fact that she will suffer the same fate as her mother’s which did not contain a single element of adventure.

In the meantime, she meets this “perfect” stranger ; a man named “David” in his 30s who gives her a lift on a rainy day and she gradually starts taking interest in him. This man seems to be sophisticated, suave, gentlemanly, sentimental and really caring. He also meets her parents and regularly takes her out on some pretext or the other. But she seems to be unperturbed by the deeper, uglier secrets which David doesn’t readily share with her. As long as everything goes on fine, no one bothers. David has his networks;his friends; his money; his own car and he is a man with expensive tastes. Jenny enjoys her time with David until the time comes when she discloses that she is not going to lose her virginity before her 18th birthday. But David apparently convinces her and ultimately she loses it. David proposes for marriage and she readily accepts. But the murkier part happens quite soon when she comes to know about who David really is and how he has devastated the lives of many others.

In the hallucinogenic state of affairs , it seemed to her that life is euphoric. In David, she saw someone who would support her, love her and help her make her dreams come true. And that’s the reason exactly that compels her to argue with her teacher first and then the principal and ultimately she leaves her school to pursue her zealous dreams. But when reality bites hard, she falls back to normalcy. A great many expectations seem to be wiped out suddenly with the advent of an unheralded storm. She copes up very quickly, seeks help and at last makes it.

The title “An Education” is very apt in the sense that it was actually a lesson in disguise for young jenny. And many young,restless spirits do fall into that trap aided by their delirious enthusiasm and aroused hormonal activity. Produced by BBC World, the film is a must watch for teenagers and others who have fallen into the same inferno.

IMDB rating: 7.5/10


The lost 9000

9000 is a big amount. Yes, it is a big amount when you seem to waste it on trivial things like joining a gymnasium. And that too for a period of 6 months. The first month you start out afresh, unafraid, ready to unleash your manliness  onto the world. But after only one day of lonely and uneventful exercising, you give up. You don’t go there the second time and then you begin to wonder “Why the hell did I join it?”.

In that prior stage consisting of small moments of wanderlust and extravagant dreaminess, you thought you could take over the world; you will relinquish all controls and let the body achieve Greek-god stature; And the end results would soon start flowing – an endless queue of girls just standing outside your door just to get a glimpse of you (topless, of course) – the haughty smile upon your face as you give a coup d’oeil at yourself in the full-body mirror – The innate sense of satisfaction and unshakable superiority which so many covet for and only a chosen few accomplish – all of this will be yours and yours forever – till death does you apart.

And then you transit into reality – of how it hurts and pains for the first time – you cannot even utter a word that would expose your anguish – but then how can you be so temperamental, so asinine and so over-the-edge? How many times you have tried continuing this, but it just didn’t happen! Don’t you understand?  – The reality lingers as the imagination fades away slowly and steadily. And you just stop there and do not budge like a stone in a crater on the Moon.

What would you could have done with that lost 9000 or less? Think, think. You could have:

  • Joined another gym
  • Gone shopping to replace those stinking and stale T-shirts you have
  • Bought membership for a sports club
  • Spent it on travel to some exotic place nearby like Munnar (kerala)
  • Bought your girlfriend a pretty gift
  • Sent the money home, telling parents that you could spent as much as you wish
  • Done some online gambling
  • Placed your bet on IPL matches
  • Made more than usual up-and-down trips from your friend’s house to yours and vice-versa
  • Made a short-film

And now you cry in your own misery completely aware of your tomfoolery, recklessness and despicability.

The Blanched Media!!

The classic case of Media rampage is on the roll-out these days if you are clearly watching the News TV channels and reading the newspapers. With IPL gate and Naxal menace doing the rounds, every other media company is trying to grab a share of the limelight.

The best thing about a News TV channel or a newspaper is that they don’t create content at all. In fact, they derive it and present to us in a sensational and thought-altering manner. In that respect, Movies and News are not too different although they are two different things. News channels have a knack of presenting facts in a fictional manner which would make them appear larger-than-life. Viewers and readers take these facts/news on Face-value rather than analyzing them deeply. A case in point are the bomb blasts/terrorist attacks which happen both in India and Pakistan. The Indian Media always projects Pakistan as a terrorist state regardless of the fact that the current Pakistani landscape has become a battleground between the terrorists and the military forces; it has become a victim rather than a perpetrator of violence and terrorism. On the other hand, although the Pakistani media recognizes the role of Pakistan in the yesteryears of unleashing these “Freedom Fighters” upon the Indian soil, it also blames RAW and IB of India of their role in perpetrating mutual discord between various Pakistani factions, the most prominent of which happened in Baluchistan, which caught the media eye for a brief while. I sometimes think media is a part of the external affairs ministry of any country, be it India or Pakistan.

Hence, what media projects itself as to the public eye and what it really is are completely different things. The media needs to be objective in its reasoning and analysis as well as presentation of facts. It may come up with scenarios, speculations and larger-than-life images; but the fact remains that it shapes and nurtures the thoughts of a billion Indians; and only from these thoughts, ideas  grow; actions are taken and life is governed.