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The Seeker

Smothered and entangled into the forbidden land,
An eternal companion I seek,
She stands in front of me,
An ethereal splendor of the heavenly realm

As pearl drops roll down her eyes,
Her effulgent lips make me wishful,
My mind spirals out of control,
And my heart cries out “No more, No more”

I blend into her as she into me,
My heart throbs as the longing grows,
Ever curious to meet her,
Her presence lingers inside of me, all the more

Emotions abound and the heart expands,
On the verge of explosion,
But then as I watch her,
It all melts into oblivion


The Butt Whipper!!

After witnessing the Oscar ceremony this year (I mean on TV!), I could not help but wonder at the new levels, the Oscar Jury has stooped to. If last year, it was “Slumdog Millionaire”, this year it was “The Hurt Locker”. I only got to see the movie after the Oscars, and I must communicate what’s in my mind at this important juncture. “The Hurt Locker” just like “Slumdog Millionnaire” didn’t deserve so many Oscar awards. While Slumdog should have got 2 awards only (For direction and musical score), the hurt locker also deserved only two (Screenplay and Direction).

The Oscar ceremony this year was supposed to pay tribute to Independent cinema (As if it is a dead thing!). But I could smell a whiff of excessive lobbying and payment of pending mortgage to all the women in the world (Since it was the International Women’s day as well). In fact, the TOI (Chennai Times) issued a article themed “How Women in Kollywood are feeling upbeat about Bigelow’s oscar win”. She has got the oscar, she has got the credits, what damn difference does it make for the women in Kollywood??? And who the hell gives a crap to all this media hype created around James Cameron’s past wife??

James Cameron did deserve the Oscar for “Avatar” but fate had other plans. But at least I was elated when Christoph Waltz collected the Oscar for “Best Supporting actor” (for “Inglorious Basterds”) as well as felt joyous for Sandra Bullock (Best Actress in a leading role) on getting the Oscar for her versatile performance in “The Blind Side”.

Well, as the years are passing by, it seems that Oscars are losing their charm; as the Oscar jury is also getting obese (due to excess moolah being stuffed into their belly), I don’t see how this image makeover/revamp will happen over the next few years. Meanwhile, Media in India (like TOI) are trying hard to make FilmFare awards share the same stage as Oscars. But frankly in my opinion, that would remain a dream in the next 100 years to come!