Today, I experienced something. A thought which was lingering in my mind for a while took shape right in front of my eyes. I went for my usual lunch at a nearby restaurant which provides veg. buffet at Rs. 50 (yes, that’s darn cheap!). The fellow serving there was a dumb ( I mean mute). The way he served me with utmost devotion despite the fact it was a self-service kind of set-up, made me feel more humble and respectful towards him and I started contemplating. There was no hint of egoistic or vain behavior from his side, only meek submission to the customer he was serving. I don’t know how many of us behave like that in our everyday lives. Some of you might display cynic behavior while others might be too proud to serve somebody. I have seen people talking to their parents over the phone in the most callous and insensitive way, as if they are there for granted listening to your problems and endless, myriad talks.  I have seen people behaving in a superior manner without a hint of humbleness or modesty in speech or conduct to their subordinates and to the people who they think are below them. I have witnessed arrogance, vanity, anger, covetousness, superiority-complex etc. , all vices growing more and more like a parasite feeding on the host. People today, have lost something. Somewhere and sometime back, something went terribly wrong and that’s why we are the way we are. I am dismayed at the abysmal state of affairs on the city roads, whether it is Chennai or Delhi, it doesn’t make a damn difference. People have lost patience and perseverance and with  a tit-for-tat policy always on the back of their mind,  they are always on the lookout for exploiting people and situations. And who suffers, in the end? We all suffer, inevitably without even realizing it sometimes and even if we realize it, we hold the other party responsible for all our grievances and troubles.  This shocking state of affairs has reached such a crescendo that no one even bothers to act on the subject. We know it all, but choose to ignore and dabble shamelessly in discussing the sorry situation. When will we do something for the country and the society, at large? When is the right time? Why should ‘I’ be the only one who takes corrective steps while the society remains incorrigible with no remorse? It’s all gonna be a “negative sum game” and we all will remain in lurch and in unison we will cry “Ignorance’s Bliss”.