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MNIK – Overloaded and Over-hyped

MNIK is a bold and right-into-your-face answer to the world’s new found fascination for rare genetic disorders. Of course, Aamir Khan remains a pioneer in this field and others are mere followers. The Indian Populace has been afflicted with so many diseases from time immemorial, that Asperger’s Syndrome remains a drop in the ocean; and the same thing goes for Dyslexia and Progeria. But MNIK is not about the general Indian populace; it is about the next generation NRIs who may get afflicted with such diseases and thus this movie can act as a remedial guide for them in near future.

I would be quite candid here. I didn’t like MNIK. It was not that it didn’t contain comedy; It was not that it was a sentimental bullshit; It was not that actors didn’t perform well. The only thing which remains an itching point for me is the whole goddamn storyline. When you are making a movie based on real-world issues and characters, try to make it seem real. Instead, MNIK tried too hard to be both imaginative and realistic and thereby landed in the no-mans land i.e. the grey area between Reality and Illusion.

A rendezvous with a person suffering from Asperger’s syndrome would convince you of the fact that these very people have disproportionate amounts of socio-psychological disorders, such that they are isolated, withdrawn; they cannot freely mix with the society. Forget about communicating properly; forget about selling beauty solutions; forget about hatred towards yellow color. It seems Karan Johar mixed many syndromes together to carve out his own version ofAsperger’s and SRK was projected as an autistic savant who could memorize anything and everything. The storyline drove me mad. The first half of the movie contains mild, emotional as well as comic and feel-good moments; but the second half is a drag which deliberately tries to implode that sentimental bomb inside you. If you watch MNIKcarefully, first half and second half seem to be two different films which is eventually woven into one movie.

So, why does Rizwan Khan hate Yellow color? If he does so, then I wonder if “he gets fits while he shits”.

Can Rizwan Khan replace Edward Cullen (of “Twilight” fame)? Yes. Seems like if it’s vampire syndrome in America then it has to be Asperger’s in India.

Will Asperger’s be the new bandi-wooing mantra? Yes. Even if you are not born with it, at the least you can act it. AndSRK will be more than happy to take a class on it (Well, we will not invite him in IIM A for a guest lecture)

I have nothing against SRK here. His performance was exemplary and noteworthy. Kajol was a mess and her messiness was augmented beyond proportions, thanks to the defective storyline/screenplay. And one thing I still don’t understand: “Why do American people acting in Indian movies seem so stupid and out-of-context?”. Karan Johar tried to include many “Shocking” moments in the film, but he failed miserably; The “Death of the child” was a stupid moment; The “Stabbing” was an asinine shot; Kajol’s immature and rash act/reaction (on the football field) just after “Death of the child” was preposterous. (If you may have noticed, “Stupid”, “Asinine” and “Preposterous” are synonyms).  The director didn’t give any other character that much time  to develop deeply except Rizwan Khan so that we could understand why he/she is doing the things he/she is doing.  And in all that commotion, the connection was lost; sentiments didn’t flow; ridicule and angry outbursts ensued; and MNIK succumbed to my criticizing review.


Me and my Cigarettes

I hold onto one,
as i have never embraced anybody

Lights up my inner fire,
whether I am depressed or exalted

Worries melting into thin wisps of smoke,
and normalcy gained after a spate of afflictions

An eternal companion,
I hold out my fingers and you stick to me like no other

No chit-chat, No bang bang,
Amusement in the silence that permeates between you and me

And it is in this serenity, I find solace
A release and my self-promulgated salvation

RGV has carved a niche for himself in the Indian Film Industry by producing movies pertaining to real-world issues similar to what Madhur Bhandarkar has done before. And RANN is the latest effort in this foray. His earlier movies like SARKAR and SARKAR RAJ were good hits and found accord with the Indian audience. But, unfortunately, RANN could not repeat the success of its predecessors.

RANN is a film completely based on the histrionics of today’s Media. It is all about how people heading Media Channels, politicians and business magnates collude with each other to sensationalize news, create controversies, uproot governments and rake in the moolah. In the end, what matters is “How much one is getting one’s worth”. RGV sends a strong message through this film: It’s all about the money, honey. But apparently, there are also some genuinely good, nice people who don’t compromise on principles and find solace in exposing the truth from a completely objective point of view. Amitabh Bacchan and Ritesh Deshmukh play such characters. On the other hand, there are people like Mohnish Behl (Head of Rival TV Channel), Paresh Rawal (Politician) and Rajat Kapoor (Businessman) who can do everything and anything to satisfy their desires. Hence, the demarcation between good and evil gets established almost from the beginning. In between these two kinds of people are the scapegoats who due to some misfortune, get embedded and trapped to do “the wrong things” for the “greater perceived good/cause”. Aptly, the powerful dialogue from Paresh Rawal comes almost at the end: “There are two kinds of people in the world: Lions and Goats”.

The media has been made to look villainous for the first time in this movie and the way it has been shaping people’s sentiments has been strictly questioned. The last announcement made by Amitabh Bacchan in the climax scene contains some very powerful opinions and comments on the mannerisms of today’s media and the act was performed with exemplary versatility and dedication. Ritesh Deshmukh sets another example in showing how courage and persistence can go a long way in destabilizing the webs of deceit and treachery through exposure of concrete truth.

The cinematography was emblematic of earlier RGV movies with a mixture of camera techniques used to beautifully capture strong emotions and make evident the subtle symbolisms present in every scene.

I admit here that the plot had loopholes and may be the way media functions has been wrongly depicted. But, if you see the big picture and don’t get carried away by minuscule details, the I think this movie is worth a shot for at least a single watch.

Killer Quotes

  • “The world needs fools as much as it needs sages”
  • “We are all celebrities; in our own way, in our own right and in our own world”
  • “I need to traverse space and time; go beyond the final frontier”
  • “We all are just busy fighting our demons……..and making peace with what’s left of us!”
  • “The more familiar you are, the shorter the path to traverse!”
  • “If this world is an imaginary number represented by (0+∞*i), then I am on the complex plane with the reality being nihilistic.”
  • “I’ll shine, if only for a moment and then I will fade away”
  • “This world represents an absurdity; absoluteness fused with relativity; but the perceptions are far from the eternal verities!!”
  • “Sometimes life seems to be cobweb of coincidences, and at other times, I am able to will things either into oblivion or actualization….But again and again, beliefs shatter, faith crumbles and I retreat into my own den!”
  • “Sometimes we need regular doses of unreasonable beauty, sublime anomalies, beguiling ephemera, and inexplicable joys!!”
  • “As one grows up, one realizes that there are no easy answers to life’s complex questions, contrary to one’s childhood beliefs.”
  • “Indolence is a delightful but a distressing state!”
  • “Telling lies or not disclosing the truth, which is better from an ethical point of view?”
  • “The best way to beat boredom is to fight with friends.”
  • “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
  • “It is better to climb up a steep hill than to fall off a cliff”
  • “The World is too important to be left to a wild man’s imaginings.”


Clutching like Grapevine,

Clasping in the heat of the moment,

Seeking a feeling lost for ages,

Deriving meaning out of existence

Dazed and confused like never before,

Disappointed and disgruntled,

Bearing the anguish of the past,

Vengeful and hurt beyond repair

Suffering in the face of uncertainty,

Hoping for a miracle,

Fears alleviating,

and a new sun rising on the horizon

The universe will conspire again,

Spirits will be uplifted again,

Joy will flow again,

And life will be drunk again