She’s happy, She’s sad, She’s good & She’s bad,
Anytime you meet her & she’s glad,
God save u from her incessant chatters,
But once u know her then nothing else matters.

Has the traits of being helpful & cheerful,
Loves all things that r beautiful & wonderful,
Trustworthy she is, cool & sexy too,
& sometimes she thinks that I’m her boo(boyfriend).

Creativity is her passion,
Imagination- her game,
Music is in her blood,
& Tamil movies make her lame.

Marvelous is her attitude,
Magnificent- her brain,
Broad and open-minded she is,
& innocence is imprinted on her impersona main.

She makes u aware of her austere presence,
For she is the one who brings you out of hopeless senescence,
Optimism she has & everlasting hope,
& she has the courage, however difficult the circumstances be, to cope.

Sometimes she may be a pain in the ass,
& sometimes may be a total jackass,
But a friendship with her does not end so fast,
For it is only with her, that friendships long last.