What will you do when you are not aware that something is not right about your life?
How do you cope up with a situation which loudly claims “You are a loser, dude”.
Why would you play dumb incessantly and turn a blind eye towards serious things in life?

Wake up Sid (WUS) answered some of these questions in an invigorated manner. The message coming from a young 26-year old director was candid and non-convoluted. The mannerisms of Sid, the protagonist, are new but at the same time, they are not that old to be new enough. We knew the storyline right from the beginning of the movie. But it still manages to catch hold of you, makes you think and feel on your feet and ultimately gives you a mixed bag of life lessons. And there is a reason for that: It comes straight from the heart, humble and frank representation of an unresolved situation in the life of “Sid”.

Many reviewers claimed that it is an amalgamation of “Lakshya” and “Dil Chahta hai”. But I could not find any similarity. May be I didn’t try too hard. But what the hell! Rarely, “Feel Good” movies hit the Indian screens and WUS set an exemplary show.

There were situations in the movie which brought out tears in my eyes (Oh! Is that surprising?): The confrontation between Sid and his father, the constant nagging tendency of Sid towards his mother, the distraught, angry and pissed-off attitude of Sid just after he failed etc etc. Revelation is an important component of the storyline. Yes, Sid is callous but at the same time he is sensitive and sentimental with a happy go-lucky attitude. Yes, Aisha is mature as she claims, but she still has a long way to go. Yes, Sid’s mother is trying to learn English only because she wants to connect with him. Yes, Sid got his clicking skills from his father. Some of these simple yet powerful dichotomies get revealed as the movie progresses. It is nothing new, we know, but it pounds on our bosoms and reminds us again and again about the right things and wrong-doings we have unleashed unto others.

The characters of Sid and Aisha were laid out well. Ranbir, for the first time, was noticeable for his acting and not his good looks (for which so many girls will lay down their lives, including a girl I know!). His performance was better than I expected, perhaps, because he could relate to this character in a deeper and subtler way. I have no words to describe Konkona’s performance. She remains one of the most versatile actresses on the circuit. If only she had the good looks of Priyanka, I would have vehemently vouched for her in my “Top 3 list”. The most noteworthy performance which I felt was of Anupam Kher. It would be a sacrilege on my part even to describe or critique on his acting. He remains a demi-god and although he only appears for a short time, he leaves a mighty mark.

It would suffice here to state that cinematography was of the top-order, especially for the scene in which tears well up in Sid’s eyes and it starts raining at the same time: An overwhelming emotion which gets reflected in nature.

Music was top-notch. A refreshing and off-the-shelf soundtrack and songs. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have made a comeback of sorts with this new composition. The music skillfully supplements and resonates with the theme of the movie.

So, all in all, just go for it!