Yesterday was a perfect night to watch a movie in theater. No weekend, so less crowd and more space to tread upon. But as you may well know, Chennai has only two multiplexes, Satyam (Sathyam, sorry) and INOX which makes the experience of watching movie on big screens, a rare occassion (Supply short and demand high, u can do the rest of the math). But thanks to the government, the price of a multiplex ticket is still low (Rs. 120) as compared to other metropolitans (especially Mumbai and Bengaluru).

Anyways, coming back to the main subject here. I had expectations from transformers-2, the live action coupled with exquisite special effects, the curvature of Megan Fox, the idiosyncrasies of Sam Witwicky and his parents etc etc. All were shattered after I sat half an hour through the movie.

First let’s deal with the graphics and action part. It was mind-boggling, no doubt about that. The first scene generated a lot of applause and excitement in the audience. The larger-than-life figures all coming to life with magnificent action cinematography and stimulating special effects. It was all good. But excess of everything is bad and Michael bay clearly did not pay heed to this adage. Even tolerance has a limit. It was too much for me, seriously. After a while I was myself functioning like a sleeping Autobot. Only Megan Fox remained the last ray of hope. More about it, but later.

Second the story part. It was like a first time cook learning a new recipe and constantly experimenting with it. I don’t know what kind of inspirations the writers had since I (and my friends too) picked up few similarities with other Hollywood movies like Terminator, American Pie, Predator, National Treasure. The story sucked and with decepticons and autobots doing what they do best (i.e. screw each other) and taking too much time to finish each other off, I was uplifted to the tip of the pyramid of intolerance. There was no head and no tail; no dramatization was attempted to keep the audience interested; it was make-believe (in a negative manner) sort of stuff.

Now let’s come to the better part. Megan Fox.She oozed exuberance and sensuality. Without her, this movie won’t be worth it. Screw the acting part. She remains a sweetheart and the hottest babe on the circuit. I wanted to see more of her but these damn autobots and decepticons ruined the show through excess garbage and other worldly noises.

Comedy doesn’t comprise of a scene or two in a movie which makes the audience laugh. There is subtle humor and open (or outright) humor. I don’t know what Transformers 2 attempted to do: to make the audience laugh or cry at the poor sense of humor (overall).

There was no depth, no clarity, only robotic pandemonium, too much effects and too much spent ($250 million budget). God save me from Transformers-3: Return of the Primes (Speculation).