Oh! Lord!
Give me some hope,
an escaping rope to hang upon,
For I am tired of pretending
of what I am not.

They say that the truth is out there,
or is it rather “in”,
I look at the world and see only falseness,
like a chameleon preying upon innocence

I am tired of space and time,
only growing impatient as the clock strikes nine,
whether it is morning or evening,
an inescapable lull fills my psyche

I have tried to find out the reasons,
but there are only two sides,
One blames myself as the culprit,
and the other, the world as it exists

Where does control come from?
This life seems to be devoid of it,
Whirling chaos and utter confusion,
a writhing soul and relentless agony

Oh! Lord!,
I want to see your kingdom,
I am exhausted of this sojourn,
Please take me into your abode,
and release me from this excruciation