A beauty which cannot be fathomed,
A face which cannot be whisked into oblivion,
A nature so true and outspoken,
And a mind, at times simple and other times unresolved

Such is the truth of the matter,
Fear mingled with anxiety and confusion,
Retreating into the far corners of her own universe,
And unsure of the future that lies ahead.

I feel, I think, I understand and I sympathize,
Am only trying to decipher what lies beneath,
I come out more confused than ever before,
Feeling, I have light-years to travel before I unearth

An incomplete emotion trying to get hold,
Whether I should go ahead and embrace it,
Or should I just forsake it,
For I cannot take the middle path.

The path remains dark and undulated,
An ordeal lies ahead,
A war brewing between the heart and mind,
And a dissonant roar lurking inside.