Q: Why “What’s your Rashee?” is better than the Indian Cricket Team?
A: Because Priyanka’s 12 characters performed better than our Indian counterparts!!

Q: Why all 12 characters were played by Priyanka Chopra alone?
A: Because she came “Cheaper by the Dozen”

Q: Why would a man see the same woman in every woman?
A:Because he is not a man at all, which means he is a she who holds some grudge against the “She”.

Q: Why did Ashutosh Gowarikar cast Hurman in the lead role opposite Priyanka?
A: Because he is “Her-man”.

These sick jokes were doing the rounds when I switched on MTV this morning. But jokes apart, these tickers do raise a finger on the recent quality of film-making arising from the house of Ashutosh Gowarikar. I know Junta was disappointed after watching such a well promoted movie. And they have a reason to do so. Because the movie lacked force: The force to enthrall, keep the audience seated like on a roller coaster ride, the ability to “wow” and the quality of making the audience “think”.

I was a different story. I went along with my family members and since the company you are with also plays a role in your liking of a movie, my subjective nature was vanquished. I really enjoyed the movie because some of my family members were enjoying it and laughing at those comical scenes contained with mild jokes (I only laugh at PJs :)), although the storyline didn’t make any sense. It was like a theatrical play made into a movie with no changes in between to make the metamorphosis a grand success. Simply put: Storyline and Screenplay sucked!

It was supposed to be a rom-com. But I could only get a feeling of comic relief minus the romanticism (may be I was missing someone <Blushing>). The movie was splashed with humble comedy moments every time Hurman went to meet one of the “Rashees”. And yes it was pleasing to watch their mutual interaction. The most interesting was the first interaction with “Mesh/Aries”. Priyanka’s body language and portrayal of that character simply flabbergasted me. She went into high gear in “Libra”, “Gemini” and “Virgo”. These sub-stories started building up gradually but they were jammed everytime by Not-so-amazing songs. And Ashutosh made it a point to dedicate a song to each goddamn “Rashee”!!

The other problem was with the duration of the movie. In 3.5 hours, a multiplex can exhibit two movies which can cater to different target audiences and also bring in more revenues. Big bad business for them, I guess!!

Nothing so worth mentioning about the cinematography. Music was o.k with few exceptional songs like “Pal pal dil jisko”, “Su Chhe” and “Pyaari Pyaari”. The song “Maanunga Maaununga” was shot lavishly with special effects and expensive sets creating much of that impression.

Now the real reason why I went to watch this movie. PRIYANKA, PRIYANKA and PRIYANKA (actually, I should mention this 12 times!!). Beautiful, Sparkling, Outstanding, methodical, noteworthy performance.

Climax was disappointing and no real reason was revealed as to why did it happen the way it happened.

Another thing which was missing was the inter-connectivity between the various stories. I had imagined a “Crash” or “Babel” like storyline. But this inter-connectedness was missing which rendered the whole story baseless.