I haven’t written a review of a horror movie before. So, let me start with this one. No, this is not one of my fav horror movies. No, it didn’t scare or shake me to the core. But it made an impact which has compelled me to pen down my thoughts about the same.

Horror, horror everywhere,
when Micah and Katie shifted,
they didn’t know what was in store,
and Micah was acting as if he wanted more

The doctor came and Katie relaxed,
But the ghost of the past won’t let her slack,
Micah experimented with the camera and the mike,
but the activity within the house only got spiked

Micah still didn’t believed in the s***,
kept mocking the ghost until it got pissed,
Katie mourned and carried a heavy load,
and Micah brought a seance board

The ghost shut doors, the chandelier got shaky,
Micah still didn’t listen and kept it infuriating,
they searched the attic, they searched the outdoors,
they shouted out loud,
but only their voices echoed

The light went on, the light went off,
a thud on the floor, an eerie silence,
A surprise was waiting,
a dreadful anticipation hung all over the place

But still they didn’t leave,
Micah confident to scare the shadow off,
But Katie believed in the supernatural,
that made the haunt even worse

The climax was devastating,
spine-chilling and shuddering,
someone got dragged and someone got stabbed,
But in the end, we got our dues back