A zealous landscape,
a dynamic psyche,
where heavens and earth rendezvous,
and angels cast spell,
a rush of blood to the head,
and an escapade to the ever-curious soul,
Play, seek and unearth my entity
and you will find your destiny.

Angelic music lies in my spirit,
I dance to the beats of the universe,
Such are my evangelical denizens,
They always follow my path.
Sculpting a new tomorrow in the making,
Splashing vividness across my texture,
they seek inspiration,
and I give them their tabula rasa.

The exquisite home to many strangers,
a gracious host to the occassion,
For beauty lies in my bosom,
where creatures and nature blend in perfect harmony,
come hither and lay beneath my shadows.

I am the heavenly abode,
where great saints prayed and meditated.
I am the holy shrine,
where people find solace and salvation.
Lay beneath this tough exterior,
a ray of hope, a release from suffering,
For I am the immortal supreme being,
and a conduit to the kingdom come.