A great many expectations, a great many tidings,
I didn’t know where to begin and where to end,
I thought there was no quitting despite the misgivings,
But I found out that there was plenty to mend.

A flash of sadness ran across my face, mind and heart,
For I could not conceal this mere fact,
And as I saw and felt the despair and pain on that face,
My conviction to wipe that out gained more strength.

I stand here alone, contemplating and speculating,
While staring at the lines of destiny on my palm,
Whither they would take me, I do not know,
But I don’t want to be someone on my own.

I want to see that smile, I want to merge with that cosmos,
where there is both joy and sorrow,
for without the either of them,
I would not feel a thing.

I know that the above lines are not the best,
Just a mere thought process which I had,
Whether it comes from the heart or the mind, I do not know,
But I hope to till the land before I sow.