I used to think of somebody in my childhood
Hoping that he would rescue me like Robin hood
That I wished to do all the things that my heart desired and not my mood
That I would escape this life full of tribulations, only if I could

Fate, destiny, luck, WTF?
I believe in the free will of men and their convictions,
The intrepid and daring spirit spitting in the face of many afflictions,
And the determination to carry it through despite suspended animations

We dream, seek and desire inspiration to lead us through,
We embed it in our heart in spite of the war that brews
Within the mind, splitting it into two halves
One seeking freedom and the other, curfew

It is easier said than done,
only a few survive the ordeal and the rest leave it to fate
Still rare are the persons whose heart and head mate,
But stalwarts are those who could get their success replicate

The weaklings find solace in peculiar explanations,
They become paranoid and lost in their own superstitions,
I know I too am prone to fall into such inclinations,
But I have toughened myself against such reverberations

Relapsing is not problem-solving,
Life is an enigma and we are still evolving,
Who knows what tomorrow may bring,
So, let’s not resign ourselves to fate since it may later sting