A new day, A new way of life, and new resolutions. These things captivated my mind as I stepped into the morning haze of October the 17th. After all, each and every festival carries profound significance to which we relate in our own way. So, for some it signifies the triumph of good over evil and for others just a day when you celebrate in extravaganza. For me, as it dawned upon me, it was the beginning of a period of transformation into someone who wants to enjoy life to the fullest, find beauty and pleasure in the infinitesimal moments, be more kind and rewarding rather than sarcastic or criticizing, be more open to others’ ideas and beliefs and at last be more tolerant and patient. I don’t know why I came to this conclusion. Perhaps some raw events in my life have, inadvertently, led to this. But I know, I am still trying to adapt to this society which remains an enigma to me with its varied colors, moods, individuality and psyche.

The note got too serious??..Yeah I think so…So let me cut back to what me and my friend were discussing on the auspicious occasion of Deepawali. Although what we were conversing about didn’t carry a bit of what we call pure thought! So here are the excerpts from that interesting conversation.

Sandy: (On the phone) so, what r u doing on diwali?
Udi: Nothing Yaar. Just timepass. Will be eating outside for dinner.
Sandy: Kya yaar. Let us do something interesting.
Udi: Like what?
Sandy: Let us buy some firecrackers and light them up.
Udi: How is that interesting? It is done by everyone else and there is nothing new.
Sandy: I am not talking about the usual firecrackers. Do u understand now?
Udi: (puts on the thinking cap) OHO!!….(A smirk followed by a muffled laughter)
Sandy: So, first let us categorize these “Firecrackers”…Okay??
Udi: Okay. Go ahead!!
Sandy: First comes the “FulJhari”. This type of cracker doesn’t burst at all. It burns and burns until it goes out.
Udi: So wat will happen to me if I light up this one?
Sandy: U will not enjoy it much. U may catch fire but it will not be exciting enough. And the burn will linger longer than usual.
Udi: Oh No!!
Sandy: For you, the “Pataka” will do the trick. U light it up and then u adopt wait-and-experience approach. U don’t know when it is going to burst. So there is a surprise element. A thrilling moment.
Udi: And when it bursts?
Sandy: U will go all out with it. A sudden impulse and rapid culmination of ur desires!!!
Udi: That’s wat I am looking for, Buddy!!
Sandy: But this is not the end of the story. There is another one called “Charkhi”. But I have my doubts whether u have the stamina enough to keep up with it. It will rotate, wobble, vibrate and revolve and may go off track. U will have a hard time following this type of cracker and it will test ur patience!!
Udi: I am better without it!!
Sandy: Another cracker which will fit ur taste will be the “Rocket” type. This type will make u go higher and higher until it lefts you in the middle of nowhere from where u can only fall. High risk but high return.
Udi: I like the element of adventure and peril in this one. I think I can fall for this one, no matter how steep or how hard the fall!!
Sandy: But the bad thing is no cracker lasts long. So over time, U will have to keep lighting up different ones.
Udi: That doesn’t sound so depressing to me!!
Sandy: yeah, Gud Luck!

And so the conversation ventured off to some other terminating point after this.