I experienced the immense pleasure of watching APKGK along with two of my friends on Friday Night. APKGK is a film coming from the house of Rajkumar Santoshi after, you can say, an era. The Rom-com was hilariously witty replete with great music and situational comedy moments. The actors have performed to the par and have done full justice to the roles they were assigned to. When it comes to comedy, the timing holds a pertinent space and APKGK displays a striking coordination of Screenplay, Dialogues and Acting.

Situations within the movie had the uncanny ability to make the people laugh naturally without the slightest effort on their part to understand the same completely. Some of the powerful ones like, Prem slapping the backside scalp of the bald-headed man, Prem accidentally knocking on the forehead of Katrina’s father etc. were brief and yet they simply knocked me off my seat! I was laughing my ass off continuously in the scene where Jenny is taking a bath and Prem and his mom try to create a diversion for Prem’s father. And it becomes a comic hysteria when Prem comes asking for the Jenny’s clothes trying to communicate to his father that they are his clothes!!

But, the essence of the movie not only lies in the outright humor but also in the emotional upheavels, traumas, dejections etc., that Prem goes through. The Audience sympathizes with the protagonist when he helps Jenny despite knowing the fact that she is already in love with someone. And I should say that the character of “Prem” has been laid-out well. Hopelessly in love for reasons unknown and the resulting unselfish devotion to “Jenny”, efforts to change the mind-space of Upen patel (with whom Jenny is in love) etc. reveals the continuing clash of vices and virtues occurring within. But then, Prem realizes that it is about her and not him and from that point onwards he gets real serious to solve Jenny’s problems. And yeah in the end, True Love conquers all (if Guru Dutt would have been the director then it would have been a romantic tragedy)

Climax is typical of a Bollywood Comedy movie where a flurry of characters meet in the end amongst ensuing chaos and mirthful confusion. Great comic timing and uproarious consummation of what the director attempted to do.

And it is with great inertia, I state here that Ranbir has the ability to give the Big khans a run for their money! This lad’s performance improves everytime I watch him, be it in comedy or in the tragic overrun of his character’s emotions. Katrina and Upen remain the same in the acting department despite doing so many films but thanks to Ranbir’s overshadowing actiligence (Diligence in Acting, for beginners) we don’t even notice it (well, some of you might have, but what the hell!!). Prem’s parents especially Smita Jaykar (Prem’s mom) did a commendable performance and for that a standing ovation to them.

Music was remarkably brilliant. I could feel my feet slightly floating above the ground, ready to tango on the beats of “Main tera dhadkan teri”. “Tera Hone laga hoon” was spectacularly ear-catching. The same goes for “Tu Jane Na”, but scratch the “Ear” and replace it with “Heart”.

The climactic tagline: “Go for Ranbir and Katrina. Go for Rajkumar Santoshi’s irrevocable brilliant direction. And yeah, become a member of “Happy Club””